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Faculty of Business

Skillnet Campus Business Faculty has been established in collaboration with Arizona University USA and OBS UK to offer Diploma and Degree programmes in Business Management. These programmes incorporate subject specific content based up on generic business theories and reflects modern business industry practices and academic developments. While programmes are designed to cover all domains of business comprehensively, more focus is given in the areas of accounting & finance, marketing, strategy, HRM, law, quantitative skills and entrepreneurship. The course content is advantageously integrated to provide theoretical know how and practical exposure while studying. The unique blend of modules ensures that SWS graduates will be able to use the full potential of their business intelligence in analyzing and solving business problems giving them a cutting edge in their professional career. Skillnet Campus work with both local and global companies on student projects and to offer work placements.

Skillnet Campus Business Degree programmes has been handpicked targeting contemporary needs of business and Commerce. Courses aiming to produce enterprising professionals, who are moldable and adaptable in to dynamic changes in modern market place with multiple skills across a wide spectrum within the discipline. Graduates are embedded with right attitudes, technology literacy & excellent communication skills to face the demands of modern world. The awards give a thorough underpinning of all the areas of business and more importantly develop the ability to apply this knowledge in practical situations. Further, business programmes aim to develop entrepreneurship as well as transferable skills that are valued by employers such as interpersonal, communication, decision making, problem solving and team working. Exposure to theory and practice significantly enhances employability & career sustenance of graduate while opening more & more job prospects.



Progress onto University First Year

Level 4 & 5 – University 1st and 2nd year

Progress onto University final Year

Level 6 (Undergrad Final Year) and Level 7 (Masters/MBA)

Progress onto a University MBA or a Level 7 course