skillnet campus


skillnet campusSkillnet Campus is a premium higher education institution in Sri Lanka in partnership with several universities and international education bodies. Skillnet is in the process of rapidly expanding higher education options for Sri Lankan youth with vibrant set of degree options in affiliation with top ranking Universities in UK, USA, Russia, Canada, Australia, France and Germany. Online Business School (OBS), UK and University of Arizona, US are the most exciting partnerships with Skillnet. Skillnet is the exclusive partner for University of Arizona, US and OBS, UK in South Asian region. Through OBS, UK, Skillnet has established range of partnerships in to ofqual regulated awarding bodies like ATHE, Qualifi, OTHM…etc. Qualifications provided through them create direct pathways for students to transfer in to UK universities in 2nd & 3rd years. Around 70% of the UK and many international universities accept these regulated qualifications as advanced standing entry for their degrees.

Skillnet focuses on delivering real world, relevant business and technological programmes with a balance of theory and involved learning, providing students with both subject specific and transferable skills. Skillnet currently offering undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Computing, Business, Engineering, Education, hospitality and in the process of bringing range of programmes in fashion, digital technologies and visual effects.

Skillnet envisions for preparing employment-ready graduates for the professional world who can device innovative solutions for modern world problems. Having access to our contemporary programmes of study, which are relevant to local, as well as international job markets, we can produce job-ready, effective graduates to the industry and commerce. We are so proud to deliver degree pathways in Engineering, Computer Science, Business, Education, Hospitality and many others in collaboration with UK universities. In the path to become education hub in the region, Sri Lanka has a broad vision and looking forward for quality global partnerships. It’s Skillnet’s pleasure to bring range of international higher education options on board facilitating motherland’s vision for effective higher education.

World is at the forefront of modern unpredictable challenges. Focus on globalization, technology breakthrough and innovation are key for modern graduates. Skillnet Campus in partnership with aforesaid partnerships is in the process of producing students capable of providing real world solutions in the areas of service, production & manufacturing for country to win contemporary challenges in economy. 

As the Board of directors and Board of Governance of Skillnet Campus, we are ambitiously looking forward to cater for the demands of higher education in Sri Lanka and in the region.