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Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University (Second Moscow)

Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University known as “Second Moscow” is a leading university in Russia. It is a reputed university celebrating over 90 years. The university is facilitated with 115 departments providing 250 courses and degree Programmes with over 2000 lecturers. Pirogov university provides general Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacology, Pediatrics, Medical Biochemistry etc. Furthermore, the university have a reputable network with Moscow’s biggest state clinical hospitals which service more than hundred thousand people with many pathologies.

Pirogov Medical University is the only medical university in Russia for which the category “National Research University” is established (Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia dated July 01, 2010 No. 743).

The University is listed in the World directory of Medical Schools and is included in the world rankings of leading universities. Furthermore, the university implements double degree programmes in accordance with agreements with leading European universities, including Turin State University and Milan State University. The university also collaborates with more than 50 international organizations for the implementation of student exchange programmes and academic mobility programmes in medical education. Since 2014, the university has been granted the right to conduct the International Medical Entrance Test (IMAT), developed by the Cambridge Examination Exam and the Italian Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

The University is licensed by The Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare as a healthcare organization. Medical patients may contact the Public Council under the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation through the website of the Ministry of Health to conduct an independent assessment of the quality of conditions for the provision of services by medical organizations.

The University is fully accredited by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation to conduct clinical trials of drugs and biomedical cell products for medical use and is included by the Federal Service for Health Surveillance to the list of medical organizations conducting clinical trials of medical devices.

University offer the following specialized programmes for study: general medicine, pediatrics, medical biochemistry, medical biophysics, medical cybernetics, clinical psychology, social work, dentistry and pharmacy. After acquiring basic education, students could continue their education by engaging in clinical residency and postgraduate studies.

More than 2000 lecturers working in 115 departments offer lectures, seminars and practical laboratory sessions in the sciences in more than 250 courses. University have an established network of the biggest Moscow state clinical hospitals which service hundreds of thousands of people with various pathologist. Students will gain a unique opportunity to acquire hands on knowledge of how real patients are diagnosed, treated, operated and how they recover. Active participation in design and carrying out of therapy strategies for real patients at clinics under guidance of university senior professors is one of our distinctive competitive advantages.

University provides with optimal conditions for efficient studying. There is а comfortable dormitory for students, wonderful sport center, library, which provides access to study materials and Internet access, where students could get all the required medical information on-line. University also have а very nice recreation camp where students can spend wonderful holidays in the winter and the summer.

Cost & Summary of The Medical Degree and Dentistry Program


INTAKE –  September



NOTE – The fee is inclusive of tuition, accommodation, health insurance, and medical test, excluding the student’s personal expenses such as food, etc.

Medical Licensing Examination : MD - DENTISTRY

To enrol for the program in Dentistry, medical graduates are required to pass the relevant “Medical Licensing Examination” in their respective countries.. In affiliation with global education partners, Skillnet Campus can assist in arranging Internships and preparing students for “Medical Licensing Examinations”  for those who wish to stay on and seek suitable employment in their country of study after graduation.

Entry Requirements : MD - DENTISTRY

Direct Entry to MD program – If students have passed Local Advanced Level or London (Cambridge/Edexcel) Advanced Level they can directly apply,

Minimum Entry Requirement The minimum requirements are CCS (Local A/Level) / CCD (London A/Level) or above. Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Physics.

English Requirement – Students require a Credit pass for English in O/Levels or A/Levels.


Note for those who wish to apply for SLMC registration :

Students who plan to enrol for the ACT16/ERPM in Sri Lanka to obtain Sri Lanka Medical Council registration to practice medicine in Sri Lanka, should fulfill the Minimum A/Level entry criteria (C,C,S for Local A/L Examination & C,C,D for London A/L Examination in the subjects Biology, Chemistry and Physics) as stated by the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC).

Global Accreditations & Recognitions
  • World Health Organization (WHO) – Included in the International Medical Education Directory
  • Sri-Lanka Medical Council (SLMC)
  • General Medical Council (UK)
  • Australian Medical Council (Australia)
  • Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG of USA)
  • Maldives Quality Authority (MQA – Maldives)

Why Choose Pirogov University?

  • Minimum investment to be a doctor at a well ranked Medical University 
  • Course fees to be paid after reaching Russia.
  • Largest Medical Institute in Europe with more than 9200 students.
  • Great network with Moscow’s biggest State clinical hospitals with various pathologies
  • All government hospitals are attached to Pirogov University hence students can participate in series of internships.
  • Hands on experience to diagnose, treat, operate real patients and how they recover
  • Chance to assist senior doctors at clinics so students can analyse how to treat real patients.
  • Experience at modern simulation centers for training programmes. E.g. Emergency conditions in paediatrics”, “New perinatal technologies”, “Endo-surgery”.
  • Owner of exclusive rights to conduct IMAT (International Medical Admissions Test, Cambridge) in Russia
  • Practices research in areas of science, as well as active international cooperation with leading biomedical centers in the world.
  • High tech simulation laboratories for Clinical training
  • 3 multi-profile medical research centers, 8 academic departments, and 4 research institutes
  • It has roots in leading urban hospitals, dispensaries and maternity homes
  • Hospitals in which students train are well-equipped with modern medical equipment
  • Hands-on clinical experience at these medical centers under the guidance of experienced professionals
  • Russia is a popular destination among many International students to study Medicine.

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