As a world leader in research and innovation, Singapore stands as a premier education hub with its world class universities offering international students quality education at an affordable cost. Singapore has earned third place in the 2013 QS Best Student Cities thus reflecting the country’s combination of highly ranked universities along with a diverse student community and high quality of life. Many top Universities from UK, USA, and Australia have based many of their universities within Singapore.

Coupled with its high standard of education and excellent quality of life it is needless to say it’s an excellent option for International students. The proximity of Singapore from Sri Lanka stands to be an advantage, as it provides ease of travel to students.

The country is extremely fluent in English and therefore language will not be a barrier. Almost 75% of the country speaks English and English is prevalent. On top of that the strict laws corresponding with the extremely low crime rates ensures safety to all International students at all times.

The city is alive with people and activities throughout the day and well into evening. Singapore is able to offer students with the great mix of culture, diversity and educational mix.