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The University of Arizona is a different place in the planet where you find unique people to do extraordinary things. The University of Arizona was established in 1885, and 27 years later, Arizona became a state. The first building, Old Main, was completed in 1890. It housed the School of Agriculture with classrooms, labs and a mess hall.

Arizona university has been selected to the top 1% in the world universities according to the center for university rankings. University of Arizona ranks 3rd among the top producers of Fulbright US scholars. It also ranked 20th for public research by U.S National Science Foundation. According to the times higher education in 2019 world reputation ranking Arizona has been selected to the Top 100 world universities. Arizona has been selected with in the top 40 public universities according to the US news and world report 2021.

Arizona is collaborating with 62 members of the Association of American Universities. University of Arizona have 3090 faculty members, offering 300 plus Majors.  A total of 46932 students are following different programs at University of Arizona currently. It includes 36503 undergraduate students and 10429 graduate students. The University have 6.5% international students.

Arizona University online programs have won 4 prestigious ranks proving Arizona’s ability to serve the students in entire world who couldn’t be reach physically. #7 Best online Bachelor’s program in the Nation, #8 Best online Bachelor’s program – Psychology. #6 Best online Bachelor’s program – Business & #5 Best online Bachelor’s program for VETERANS.

University of Arizona alumina report highlights that more than 90% of students are satisfy with the investment with Arizona university and also after completing the program wildcats agree that they have got the right skills needed to prosper in the work place from the university.

Tucson, Arizona located in the southwestern U.S with a global reach. The main purpose of the Arizona university is to work together to expand human potential, explore new horizons and enrich life for all. The University fulfilling its purpose with continuously improving how they educate and innovate. It will help to lead the way in developing adaptive problem-solvers capable of tackling world’s greatest challenges.


Tucson is in the State of Arizona, between California and New Mexico. Tucson is close to San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon & Phoenix. Tucson house 1,000,000 plus population. Average winter temperature 18 – 24 ŸC suiting to Asian students. Business insider names the city as top 10 cities to live in, Conde Nast Traveler named Tucson as the Top 10 best big cities and INC. Magazine named it most affordable city in 2016.   


University has 300 plus degree majors to be selected for students, giving almost every option suiting to their interest of studies. Majors are listed under 21 domains of studies for students to select from.

Agriculture Sciences

Arts & Media

Communication, Journalism, & Public relations

English & Literature

Culture & Language

Physical & Space Science

Law, Policy & Social Justice

Animal & Veterinary Science

Biological & Biomedical Science

Health, nutrition & Fitness

Engineering & Technology

Computer & Information Science

Philosophy & Religious Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies

Architecture Planning & Development

Business, Economics & Entrepreneurship

Environment & Sustainability

Education & Human Development

Psychology & Human Behavior

Mathematics, Statistics & Data Science

Social & Behavioral Science

Direct transfer to Tucson Campus US

Skillnet can help students for direct physical transfer to Arizona Tucson university in America to learn under world top class resources and facilities. 90% of the students settle in US with employment at top blue chip companies.  After completion of high school studies Sri Lankan students can apply to university through Skillnet Campus Sri Lanka to find rare opportunity to study in world 100th ranked University with world of opportunities.

Global Direct

Start in Sri Lanka direct online and transfer to main campus in US. This is a good option for students after high school in pandemic to spend some time with home and get familiar with University life. After sometime students can fly in to main campus in US for more specialized subject areas to be studied at enriched resource land. Skillnet can facilitate these options to Sri Lankan students.

Fully online

All teaching is asynchronous mode allows Sri Lankan students to study the entire degree online with Arizona University. Entire program credits will be delivered through online mode.  

UArizona Academy

A pathway for high school students to build a strong profile and pursue up to one year of any US university, online while in class 11 and 12. After completing the high school students can get opportunity to direct transfer in to Arizona with exempted credits which with shorten their study time at Arizona University, as they have already gain credits for the degree. This is a real time saver for high school students to save their graduation time.

Ideal candidate with 3 A/L passes or 6 O/L passes (Including C for English and Pass in Mathematics).

IELTS Min 6 to 6.5.

Advanced standing entries and credit transfers from other colleges are considered case by case. 


Skillnet Campus is a higher education institute located in Colombo 06, Sri Lanka. Skillnet offers wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate & foreign university transfer programmes from various destinies. It provides main transfer options to USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Finland & Russia. Skillnet offers vibrant set of degree pathways in IT, Business, Accounting & Finance, HRM, Hospitality Management & Engineering. Programmes are delivered with unique blend of foreign lecturers & professors from countries like UK, US & Sri Lanka.

Skillnet is specialised in medical placements, offering from world top ranked universities recognized by SLMC. Skillnet owns the professional expertise of academics & management having several decades of experience in delivering transnational education programmes to several thousands of students. With the touch of professional expertise SKillnet Campus is aspiring to provide customized education solutions to students suiting their skills, competencies & passion towards opportunities in modern world.

Skillnet Campus is the exclusive agent for University of Arizona in Sri Lanka. Therefore, SKillnet can guide prospective Sri Lankan students on accurate pathway to become Wildcat of University of Arizona. Skillnet Campus can support prospective students with below services as the true representative of University of Arizona in Sri Lanka.

Before flying


Assisting application process and student visa process.

Free Preparation Class

Conducting a FREE comprehensive Pre University Preparation program until semester commencement.

Air Ticket

Assisting in Air ticket arrangements for student.


Guidance in obtaining UGC recognition.

IELTS Training

Comprehensive training to prepare and pass the “IELTS exam with required score”

Hostel Accommodation

Assisting hostel accommodation arrangements.


Airport pick up

Airport pick up

Parent Support

Arranging Visas, Accommodation & Airport pickup for Parents visiting students

Student Support

Accompanying students in “Medical Tests” at clinics & “University Registration” upon arrival.

Degree Support

Assist in “Final Degree, Certification” by relevant authorities in US. (MANDATORY to get final certificate validated).


Accommodation arrangement before their arrival.


Assist settling in US. E.g. – purchasing essential items on arrival, and Any other services required by the students within our scope of work in US.

Medical Emergencies

Assisting the students in medical emergencies to consult health professionals

Academic Support

Coordinating with University & Skillnet Campus Office, Colombo to overcome issues related to Academic Support.


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Living on Campus

The University of Arizona’s dorms come in all shapes, sizes and locations across our four areas of campus (Districts) – which means students have a lot of choices to select according to their lifestyle. Whether they like to be surrounded by a lot of people, or do they prefer to know everyone in your building? Is the location on campus important? Is cost a factor? Thinking about these questions will help students to choose their AZ home.

Things to do at Arizona

Completely eclectic and totally electric – life at Arizona is everything you want it to be. Students can enjoy some of the best Student Recreation facilities and services in the country like; gymnasium with top-of-the-line exercise equipment, in-house in a group class or intramural sports, think tank touring, on-campus dining with various flavors with local top brands, outdoor white water rafting, surfing trips & beside a sparkling Olympic-sized pool facilities ranked as most luxurious, top campus recreational facilities by College rank and College consensus.

 Getting involved  

Students are given opportunity to amplify exceptional academics skills with what you learn outside of class to succeed in school and for the rest of your life. Whether you want to fight for change in campus government, build a professional network or explore the world, you can translate your classroom knowledge into hands-on experiences and launch a career for life. Arizona possesses 600 plus clubs and societies in campus for students to choose from based on their interest, which supports for involved societal learning while building a good foundation for large international network with alumni of 290,000. With these opportunities Wildcats will never be alone in life.  

Below top blue chip companies are interested on hiring Wildcats as per the history of their job performance and nurtured transferable skills.

APPLE                           AMAZON                             ACCENTURE                     ADIDAS

AT&T                             BOSCH                                 COCA COLA                      CVS HELATH

CALTECH                       DELOITTE                            DHL                                    FORD MOTOR COMPANY

EY LLP                           GE                                        GOLDMAN SACHS           GM

HONEY WELL              HEXAGON MINING             H&M                                   J P MORGAN CHASE

JET BLUE                      KELLOG’S                             KPMG LLP                        KIMBERLY- CLARK

MICROSFT                      IBM                                      MACY’s                              NESTLE PURINA

TARGET                   THOMSON’S REUTERS            PWC                                   P&G

UNDER ARMOUR             UBER                                 WHIRLPOOL                      PIMA COUNTY

PEPSICO                       VANGUARD                         WALMART                         e-Bay

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Message from President University of Arizona Robert C. Robbins

“We must deliver a high-quality, low-cost, world-class education and the best service possible to our students.”– Dr. Robert C. Robbins

The 22nd president of the University of Arizona seeks to prepare students for their dream careers as well-educated, civically engaged leaders in our rapidly changing, technologically advanced world.

Arizona spirit, feeling & way of life is decorated with the motto of “Bear Down”. University tradition is showcased with two massive events of “Old school meets New school” and “ZonaZoo”. 


The university of Arizona Office for Research, Innovation and Impact supports the world-class research enterprise at the University of Arizona, which is ranked among the top 20 public universities nationwide with more than $734 million in research spending. Arizona researchers continue to forge innovative pathways, form powerful collaborations and make remarkable discoveries to the world.

University of Arizona ranked #1 in astronomy and astrophysics, according to data from the National Science Foundation. University of Arizona also ranked #4 in the physical sciences, and #6 in NASA-funded activity. The University of Arizona has been named a top producer of Fulbright Scholars, ranking #3 among U.S. research institutions and setting a university record with 11 awardees.

University of Arizona has 6 main directions in research for building better future to US and the globe.

Environmental Resilience

University of Arizona leads the way in addressing the crises of climate and global environmental change. University show how it’s possible for life in arid regions to adapt and thrive, not only in Arizona but across the globe.

Healthy Futures

With the investment in biosciences infrastructure, research and industry engagement personalized medicine, improved therapies and better health technologies are advancing at University of Arizona. They attract world-class students to solve complex challenges of disease, hunger, water scarcity and quality, food insecurity, resource conservation and climate.

Space Exploration

The University of Arizona has an unprecedented history of involvement in space missions dating from the founding of the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory and the first Ranger missions to the Moon, to the current exploration of the asteroid Bennu in humanity’s ongoing quest to examine the origins of the universe.

Inspiration for Tomorrow’s Leaders

Research at the University of Arizona informs and inspires the new possibilities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Innovations point to new markets, products, process and ways of operating that will shape the 21st century economy. University invent and prove potential solutions, envisioning how emerging, transformative tech can be deployed to benefit mankind.

Data Science & Cyber Security

The University of Arizona pursues innovations in data science, data engineering, communications, mathematics and statistics that will not only speed the parsing of ever more data, but also enable the highest confidence, availability and integrity of data to ensure resilient and highly trusted systems and discoveries.

Economic Impact

Arizona develop innovation spaces where university and industry connect. As an important economic driver the University of Arizona includes a collective of research experts and a robust talent pipeline. University researchers assist in diversifying the economic portfolio of the state by supporting local high-tech startups and shed light on innovation.

Research Institutes and Centers in University of Arizona

Research, Innovation & Impact’s institutes and centers provide researchers with the infrastructure necessary to achieve far-reaching impacts. These institutions foster interdisciplinary collaboration among researchers, government, and industry, opening opportunities for research to influence public policy and contribute to economic development in Arizona and beyond. Each of these institutions and centers host hundreds of resource units building Arizona with unmatched research strength.

Arizona Institutes for Resilience (AIR)

AIR includes 10 centers, institutes, and programs that work together to build a “Roadmap to Resilience,” drawing on the expertise of many colleges and departments to promote partnerships and interdisciplinary activities.

Arizona Space Institute

The University of Arizona Space Institute (UASI) leverages the expertise of the university’s large space science community, advancing areas including space exploration, astrobiology, space situational awareness and planetary defense.

BIO5 Institute

The BIO5 Institute solves complex problems, using the collaborative strength of five core research areas: agriculture, engineering, medicine, science, and pharmacy.

Biosphere 2

The Biosphere 2 is a living laboratory for controlled scientific studies of Earth systems, an arena for scientific discovery and discussion, and a provider of public education.

Center for the Philosophy of Freedom

The mission of the Freedom Center is to promote the understanding of the ideals of freedom and responsibility and research on philosophy.

Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry

The Confluencenter is a research incubator for the arts, humanities, and social sciences, dedicated to fostering collaboration across disciplines.

Data Science Institute

The Data Science Institute (Data7) promotes the next generation of data-driven research by connecting and aligning expertise, resources, and infrastructure.

France-Arizona Institute for Global Grand Challenges (iGRAAL)

The France-Arizona Institute for Global Grand Challenges (iGRAAL) facilitates best-in-class research, international research, focusing on the grandest challenges.

Institute for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies

The Institute for LGBT Studies promotes LGBTQ research, curricula, and educational programming.

National Institute for Civil Discourse

NICD comprises a bipartisan group of leaders working to promote healthy and civil political debate. In addition to inspiring and organizing everyday Americans, NCID encourages elected leaders to put country ahead of partisanship.

STEM Learning Center

The STEM Learning Center works to advance quality education programs in science, technology, engineering and math for the benefit of Arizona youth, educators and employers.

Transportation Research Institute

The TRI is equipped with the interdisciplinary expertise necessary to address the challenges of an ever-evolving transportation ecosystem. 

Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy

The Udall Center connects scholarship with public policy related to the environment and indigenous nations. 

Combine all these research resources and experts create an unmatched atmosphere to students to become top class researchers.  Only few universities in the globe can afford to facilitate this level of research resources to their students.